This trimester was a bit of a mess when it came to my project management and time management because I had a habit of leaving this late and getting stressed about not getting them completed. For my major project, a group of classmates and I decided to create a sound replacement for an Adventure Time episode, the episode was titled “Card Wars” and was a total sound replacement; meaning all of the Voices, Foley (Sound Effects) and Composition. This was all done in three weeks because all of our time prior to this project was used on our class project, which was also a sound replacement; Disremember. Our major project turned out well and I am pleased with the overall result. you can view the sound replacement here:

All throughout this project the people that I have worked with: Harley James, Jackson Higgins and Stephan Novak, they have been helpful towards me if I needed help and gave me advice on how I can make my foley recording better. When it comes to the foley recording for this film I believe that I have done a good job with what I have recorded and edited, after they were put into the “Master Session” it make my worries go away because it filled all of the blanks and worked out great in the mix.

When we were mixing the final project, we needed to comply with the loudness standards and the Australian broadcasting standards. “Operational Practice 48 (or OP 48) has been the standard when mixing for broadcast on Australian TV. OP48 is a little vague and is generally enforced differently, depending on which TV station your soundtrack is being broadcast on. OP 48 is also based on VU and Peak level which is more a measure of the electrical signal of the audio rather then how loud the soundtrack actually seems to the listener. This meant that by using a bit of multiband compression and EQ you could make the sound seem louder while keeping in check with the OP48 requirements.” (Sound and Code. (2016))

When our overall project is compared to the original product there is obviously some differences; for example, we are not professional voice actors, some of our voice acting was good but it wasn’t consistent, and that’s coming from one of the main voice actors. One thing that I am proud of is the foley, even though it was my contribution it really brought the whole project together.

Another side project that I worked on this trimester was a trimester 6 grad film called Noah, where it followed the story of a boy who gets on offer to audition for AIM or the Australian Institute of Music. This then causes financial issues as the boy lives with his mother who is struggling with financial issues, as well as paying for her son’s piano lessons. For this project I was working with Harley James, I was operating the Boom and Harley was the recording engineer for this project. There were four days shooting all together that I was able to attend but I missed one day because of other commitments. This project really helped me develop my already existing boom operating skills as well as microphone placing for lapels on actors without them being scene on camera.

This trimester I mainly focused on quality over quantity as I wanted to produce and work on productions that had a high quality piece at the end of the project instead of what I did last trimester and work on as many projects that I could and hope that one of them turn out well and that’s what I believe that I have done.


OP 59 and Loudness Standards for Australian TV | Sound and Code. (2016) Retrieved 19 August 2016, from


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